people standing on a stage with their trophies during award ceremony.
Source: World Travel Rewards

Best Lounge Awards 2023 (World Travel Awards)

The World Travel Awards have released their 2023 winners for the best lounges in three categories: Best North American Airport lounge, Best North American Airline lounge, and Best Caribbean lounge. The 2023 World Travel Awards were held in Saint Lucia with a celebration of many different categories of travel awards.

Best North American Airport Lounge

The best airport lounge for multiple years (2020-2023) running was the Star Alliance lounge in Los Angeles, California. This year, two lounges from LAX scored in top rankings.

  1. Star Alliance Lounge (LAX)
  2. Escape Lounge (FLL)
  3. oneworld Business Lounge (LAX)
  4. Primeclass Lounge (JFK)
  5. The Centurion Lounge (DFW)
  6. The Club (CLT)

Best North American Airline Lounge

Cathay Pacific Lounge in San Francisco, California, won the best Airline lounge in North America.

  1. Cathay Pacific Lounge (SFO)
  2. American Airlines Flagship Lounge (DFW)
  3. Delta Sky Club (SEA)
  4. Lufthansa Senator Lounge (JFK)

Best Caribbean Lounge

Club Mobay in Montego Bay, Jamaica, scored the winning place for the best Caribbean lounge. It's nice to know two lounges in Nassau also scored in the top six best Caribbean lounges.

  1. Club Mobay - Sangler International, Jamaica (MBJ)
  2. Executive Lounge, St Maarten (SMX)
  3. Executive Lounge, Antigua (ANU)
  4. Graycliff Lounge, Nassau Bahamas (NAS)
  5. The Lignum Club, Nassau Bahamas (NAS)
  6. VIP Flyers Club, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands (PLS)

Closing Thoughts

It's great to see lounges in various places worldwide nominated for awards. I have only been to one of these lounges on the list (the Centurion Lounge - DFW), but I have been to many Sky Club lounges and other Centurion lounges with outstanding service. I hope to get a lounge review in soon for some of the lounges in the near future.

Have you been to one or more of these lounges? If so, what are your thoughts on these results?