The Delta One LAX sign.
Source: Delta Airlines

Delta One Business Class Lounge and Enhanced Check-In Coming to JFK and LAX

Delta is working hard to improve its Business Class customer experience at both LAX and JFK airports. They are planning on opening new Delta One lounges and exclusive check-in areas.

Their first improvement debuting in Q1 of 2023 is an all-new Delta One check-in facility at LAX. This check-in facility will be located on the arrivals level to reduce the crowding normally seen in the departures area. When you arrive at the check-in you will be greeted with drinks, light snacks, and a relaxing check-in area. Then after getting checked in you will take a private elevator to the security lanes and the Delta One lounge once it opens.

person sitting on a sofa waiting
Delta One Check-In Waiting Area (LAX)       Source: Delta Airlines

Next up, sometime in 2023, the JFK Delta One (Business Class) Lounge will be opening. This lounge is said to be approximately 36,000 square-feet and be located in Concourse B - Terminal 4.

Finally, sometime in 2024 Delta will be opening its Los Angeles (LAX) Delta One (Business Class) lounge. This 10,000 square-foot Business Class-only lounge will be connected to the existing Terminal 3 - Delta Sky Club. The lounge will be exclusive to passengers departing on long-haul Business Class flights and possibly select premium transcon routes as well.

These Delta One lounges and exclusive check-in experiences will help Delta compete with American Airlines Flagship and the United Polaris services. I expect we will see similar service levels people are used to from American and United at these new Delta lounges. Exact details have not been released but I imagine these lounges will offer some amazing amenities such as à la carte table dining, quiet rooms, showers, exercise options, spa services, and dedicated top-notch personal service.

Closing Thoughts

During the recently released Skytrax 2022 Lounge Survey Delta did not have a business-class lounge that was able to compete. I am hoping these two new Delta One lounges can compete with other airlines in this class of service. I have been to the American Airlines Flagship lounge at LAX and it was amazing. I am hopeful that Delta will be able to deliver the same quality and services as other top-tier lounges.


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