outdoor patio with dog area
Source: @AviationGeeking

Review: The New York (JFK) T5 “Wooftop” Patio

Not a lounge, but an escape from the terminal at JFK, is the T5 Rooftop (Wooftop) Patio. This opened in July 2015 and I recently (April 27, 2022) had a chance to visit.

Located in JFK Terminal 5 (post-security) across from gate 28 at John F. Kennedy International Airport is a kinda hard to find door that reads T5 Rooftop. This door takes you to outdoor space that is free to all passengers and their pets.

door with opening to outdoor patio

This outdoor patio has tables, benches, and chairs where you can rest while getting out of the loud terminal and getting some fresh air. There are also several covered sections for days the weather is not ideal. The patio is enclosed with metal fencing but has 4,000 square feet to walk around by yourself or with your dog. The pet relief area is enclosed in the corner so you can let your dog move around (off-leash) on the synthetic grass and do their thing.

outdoor patio with chairs
Source: JetBlue Airlines

The design of the patio pays homage to Manhattan’s popular High Line Park. The terrace offers a limited-view of Manhattan in the distance and overlooks the historic 1962 TWA Terminal building and TWA Hotel. The lounge located in the main JetBlue Terminal T5i is open from - every day of the week.

Pros: free, open to the public, nice place to eat or just get some fresh air, family friendly.
Cons: located in the T5 terminal and unless you are flying JetBlue, Aer Lingus or somehow else have access to terminal 5 you are unable to use.

Closing Thoughts

Dogs deserve lounges too and this is a great amenity, that I wish more airports would provide. Many airports have indoor pet-relief areas, but they are usually cramped and not very relaxing. While I was there I did not have my dog, but did sit down at a table and enjoyed my coffee while I got some fresh air. There is a limited view from the patio, but nothing amazing. I was hoping to watch planes from there but was only able to see a small area of the apron and planes. Overall if you are in T5 at JFK I would recommend you pop out and have a look around, on nice weather days and without lounge access, this is likely the best place to be in T5.