JSX Embraer 145
Source: JSX

JSX Upgrades Cabin Services

JSX has recently shared some exciting news regarding their inflight cabin experience. Already known for their convent & fast boarding process (arrive at the airport 20 minutes before flight), free inflight Wi-Fi (on available flights), free checked bags, pets fly free (in cabin), spacious seating, and complimentary cocktails, they are now offering food, hot towel service, and blankets on flights over 550 miles.


On all flights, JSX offers snacks such as potato chips, twice-baked cookies, gummy bears, and more. But now, on flights 550 miles or longer, they are offer actual food like Sonoma chicken wraps and Thai veggie noodles.


Besides hot beverages, soft drinks and juices, they have upgraded their bar menu to include Belvolio Prosecco, Murphy Goode Cabernet (wine), a seasonal cocktail, the Ohza Peach Bellini, Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA (beer) or Shiner Bock (beer) on select routes.


On flights longer than 550 miles, they now offer a hot towel service and blankets upon request. This, along with free Wi-Fi, makes this air service very appealing.

person sitting onboard plane getting a hot towel handed to them

Where They Fly

Currently, JSX flies to 23 airports and are adding new ones later this year. They fly to the following airports AUS, BJC, BNA, BUR, CCR, CSL, DAL, DSI, GUC, HOU, HPN, LAS, LAX, MIA, MRY, OAK, SNA, MCO, PHX, RNO, RIL, SAN, T89, and TSM.

Their current shortest route is AUS-DAL (189 miles), and the longest is DAL-LAX (1,246 miles). Luckily many segments do exceed the 550-mile restriction.

Closing Thoughts

I know this is AVGeeky, but since their callsign is Red Stripe, I think they need to serve Red Stripe beer. Overall, I am excited to see these new business-class amenities being added. I am also happy to see this air service doing so well and growing. Being able to fly out of a local FBO vs. the main terminal adds to the appeal of this service. I really look forward to getting a chance to fly them soon and doing a complete review. One final note is that JSX has partnered with United Airlines and JetBlue to earn miles on flights.