chairs, tables, and windows at The Club T1 in Las Vegas.
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Lounge Review: The Club - Las Vegas (LAS) Terminal 1

The Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) currently has six lounges, and two of the lounges are operated by The Club (Terminal 1 and Terminal 3). While I was in Vegas a couple of months ago (Jan 2023), I spent some time at The Club in Terminal 1

The Club - Terminal 1 lounge is located in the D gates, near Gate D33, next to the Tumi store. The Club (T1) is currently open from 05:00 to 22:00 daily. Once in the lounge, you will be greeted at the front desk. For me, there was no line, and the front desk attendant was super friendly.

Upon entering The Club, you will pass the restrooms, then the main dining area. If you keep waking, you will pass the buffet and the bar. One nice thing about the lounge is a quiet seating area (located near the front) with comfortable sofa seats. The lounge was pretty quiet when I arrived at noon (Tuesday), and there was lots of seating still available.


Access to the lounge can be via Priority Pass, Lounge Club, Lounge Key memberships, or a day pass that can be purchased for $50 per person. This (LAS) lounge is a departure-only location. I tried to go to this lounge when I arrived in Vegas but was turned away by the front desk. Priority Pass entrance is limited to 3 hours prior to departure, and you must have a same-day departure boarding pass. Children under two are admitted free of charge.

hallway and restrooms entrance

Restrooms and Showers

The restrooms were fine, there was nothing amazing, but they were clean. I did not tour the showers (2), but they do have showers for use. Check with the front desk to get access to the shower rooms.


I was lucky to arrive at the lounge as breakfast was still available, and they were about to switch to lunch service, so I was able to see the menu for both meal times. As I have written about before, the order-to-table service is fantastic. Simply find where you want to sit, then scan the QR code for a current menu. Once I placed an order for my breakfast, it took about 5 minutes, and then my food was delivered to my table.

For breakfast, I ordered eggs and potatoes, and from the buffet area coffee machine, I got a Café Americano. The eggs, potatoes, and coffee were excellent. They also had options for bagels, oatmeal, muffins, yogurt parfaits, hard-boiled eggs, and fruit.

For lunch, I ordered pasta, tomato soup, and a dinner roll. The buffet offered healthy food items like hummus, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and salad.

The Bar

The bar and bar area were nice. There was seating at the bar as well as tables in the bar area. The drink service was pretty standard, with beer, wine, champagne, and mixed drinks. They did not have any local (craft) beer, but otherwise, the selection was good. I do like that the bar area has tables where you can sit with power plugs for charging.

The Club bar and drinks

Seating and Quite Area

The lounge has many seating options, with or without tables, at the bar and windows, and a semi-quite area where you can relax. There are also private seating cocoon chairs.

The View

The lounge is located on the 2nd Level and has floor-to-celling windows. The view was really good, and I was able to see outside and do some plane spotting as well as get a good view of the mountains.

Overall Rating: 3.9
Pros: comfortable seating and work areas, great views, showers, order-to-table service
Cons: beer options could be improved

Food: 4
Beverages: 4
Amenities: 3.8
Seating: 4.2
Service: 4.2
Views: 4.2
Wow-Factor: 3.5

Closing Thoughts

Overall this lounge experience was very positive, and I would recommend this lounge to anyone going through Las Vegas (LAS). I did not go to The Club lounge in Terminal 3, but I look forward to doing this in the future for a basis of comparison.