a person holding an iPhone with LoungeBuddy app.

LoungeBuddy Discontinuing their iOS Mobile App

While keeping up with airport lounge news, I was browsing the FlyerTalk forums and was surprised to find a posting about the LoungeBuddy app being killed by AMEX. I went to the LoungeBuddy website and confirmed that the news appears true.

The website message indicates that the website will be unchanged, but does say the iOS Mobile app will be "will no longer be accessible" as of July 1, 2024.

As of July 1, 2024, the LoungeBuddy iOS Mobile app will no longer be accessible. American Express Card Members can still purchase lounge access with LoungeBuddy through the LoungeBuddy website.

One thing that is unclear with the wording "no longer be accessible" is whether a person who already has the LoungeBuddy (iOS) app installed on their device will still be able to continue to use it.

Since the LoungeBuddy website is mobile-friendly and bookings can be made using an American Express card from the (mobile) website, this news is really not too horrible. There are likely Apple customers who have become comfortable using the native iOS app and will now be forced to use the mobile web.

Closing Thoughts

As an Android user, I was bummed they only had an iOS version of their app, but I still used their website from time to time. For those looking for another mobile friendly app for Android or iOS you should consider using the LoungeRevew.com mobile app.