O2 Roam Freely Lounge
Source: O2 Virgin Media

O2 Mobile Opens New Lounge at London Gatwick

Exciting news from the UK!  A new lounge dedicated to O2 and Virgin Media customers opened today at London Gatwick (LGW) airport. The O2 Roam Freely Lounge is something I have never heard of but sounds like a great idea.

This lounge is located in the North Terminal and is complimentary for O2 and Virgin Media customers, and their travel companions. The lounge is open daily from 06:00 to 15:00 from now through October. The lounge include free drinks, snacks, charging stations, and also features a Disney+ room for watching family films. The lounge also offers comfortable seating so customers can start their holiday relaxing before even boarding the plane. For those traveling for business, there is also plenty of work space and connectivity provided by (free) Wi-Fi. Also to kick off vacation-mode the lounge offers a beach-themed photo space so guests can snap and share holiday photos before they leave the UK.

Priority members across Virgin Media and O2 simply need to book their slot in the new lounge through the Priority app, and can take an adult and up to six children (under 16 years old) with them as guests.

We know there are a lot of stresses and costs that come with going abroad, especially at the moment, so we want to help our customers get back to what a holiday is really about – fun and relaxation. They shouldn’t have to wait until they land to start that holiday feeling and that’s why we’ve opened the O2 Roam Freely Lounge.

Gareth Turpin, Chief Commercial Officer at Virgin Media O2

Closing Thoughts

This seems like a great idea to offer a lounge specifically for O2 and Virgin Media customers. We are starting to see similar options in the United States, with the Capital One Lounge(s) and the upcoming Chase Lounge. One thought I had when I read this press release was the provision for up to six children to have complementary access the lounge. This is amazing benefit for family travelers and a stark contrast to the Centurion Lounge rules which does not allow for complementary access for children over 2, even though some locations they have a dedicated kid's play room.