five dressed up people waiting in a line.

Pre-Booking Option with selected Lounges on Priority Pass

For those who have been waitlisted or had to wait in a long line for lounge access Priority Pass has rolled out a new feature to make your experience much more enjoyable. This new service has been added to select lounges and will allow customers to pre-book (reserve) a lounge time for arrival. Each reservation has a $5 (USD) charge per person.

Booking Process

Only certain lounges offer this pre-booking option. The Turkish Airlines Lounges in Miami are two locations I found that are offering this service. If a lounge provides this option, you will see a PRE-BOOK button on their Priority Pass page.

1) The first screen you will see shows the PRE-BOOK option for the selected lounge. This example was based on the Turkish Airlines Lounge (H concourse) - Miami (MIA) page.

2) Next, choose the number of guests that will be joining you and will be on the same reservation. Note: each guest will cost $5 for the reservation.

3) Thirdly, choose the date and time you wish to reserve. Then enter your flight number and Priority Pass membership number to add the reservation to the cart for checkout.

4) Finally, once you confirm the details, simply complete the reservation and pay to reserve the lounge time.

Additional Information

The reservation is guaranteed up to 30 minutes from the selected time. This is very helpful if your flight is delayed or you need extra time to clear security. Interestingly, this will work for Priority Pass or Lounge Key programs. Bookings must also be made at least 24 hours before arrival time.

Closing Thoughts

I was recently in Orlando (Terminal A) at The Club Lounge and was told the lounge was full, and they had instigated a waitlist. This was the first time I had used the wait listing feature at a lounge, and I was unsure of how long it would be. Luckily for me, there was only a 20-minute wait before I received my text message notification. Knowing how busy Orlando is during the summer, I would have really enjoyed an option to reserve a spot and avoid the wait. I was tight on time, especially since I had only one hour before my flight boarded.