Be Relax spa at LAX, with a view of massage chairs.
Source: Lounge Guide

Review: Be Relax Spa - LAX (TBIT)

During an extended layover at Los Angeles (LAX) on September 10, 2023, and due to the 3-hour prior-to-departure rule for the Delta Sky Club, I decided to check out the Be Relax Spa in the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT). The spa is located near gate 154 and is open from 06:00 - 22:00 daily.

I arrived around 11 am, and there was one other person asking questions at the front desk in front of me. I was quickly helped, and I asked what are my options for use with the Priority Pass card. He gave me two options: a 30-minute massaging lounger or an upgrade to the deluxe massaging lounger for a fee. I chose the 30-minute standard lounger. While I was there, only one employee was working, so maybe my options were more limited due to staff, but still, it would have been nice to get offered the four options mentioned on the Priority Pass website (see below).


The Be Relax Spa has a variety of services that it offers to customers. They, of course, offer massages, both personal chair and lounger massage chairs. They also offer nail care, including manicures and pedicures. They also offer showers, facials, hair styling, and waxing. Finally, besides all the services, they also sell travel accessories such as pillows, masks, blankets, and other travel accessories. They also sell beauty accessories, including massage devices, rollers, and other supplies.


As I mentioned above, only one person was working at the spa when I was there, so many of the services, such as nail treatments, facials, and waxing, did not appear available. But this location did have three massage chairs and five massage lounger chairs (two standard and three deluxe models). I walked around the spa after my treatment and noticed nail tables, hair styling, and other services available. 

Priority Pass

According to the Priority Pass - Be Relax LAX (TBIT) website there are four options a Priority Pass customer can choose from at the Be Relax spa, they are:

  • Be Back 15-minute Massage plus O2 (a US$38 value)
  • Be Back 30-minute Massage (a US$38 value)
  • Polish Change plus Hand Massage (a US$38 value)
  • Be Feet on lounger 10-minute plus O2 (a US$44 value)

My Experience

I did the Be Back without O2 since that option was not offered. The Be Back service is described as a hi-tech massaging lounger that will pamper your body with the deep kneading massage technique. Also note, not all Priority Pass memberships include non-lounge amenities. For example, my Capital One Venture X card does not include Spas, but my Chase Sapphire Reserve card does.

The chair was mostly comfortable during the massage. After a bit, my legs did start to ache, but overall, I was very relaxed when I left the lounger. I was the only customer in the spa when I started, but sometime during my treatment, another person sat next to me for his massage.

Note: There are two Be Relax Spas at Los Angeles (LAX), one in Terminal 1 and the other in Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT).

Overall Rating: 3.75
Pros: no wait, simple sign-in process, very quite
Cons: only one employee working, not offered all Priority Pass options

Amenities: 3.5
Service: 3.5
Cleanness: 5
Wow-Factor: 3

Closing Thoughts

This was my first time to visit a Be Relax, so I am not able to compare it to much. I have been to XpresSpa before, and they appear to be very similar. I will make sure to visit another Be Relax Spa to see how it compares. I recommend that if you are in an airport and have access to this service, you give them a try. I will be back for sure and look forward to my next time.