entrance of Minute Suites Nashville with items for purchase and customer service desk.
Source: Lounge Guide

Review: Minute Suites Nashville International Airport (BNA)

I was recently in Nashville doing a review for the brand-new Hilton BNA Nashville Airport Terminal. On my way back to Austin, I decided to check out the Minute Suites located inside the Nashville (BNA) airport. This Minute Suites location opened in November 2020 and offers a relaxing retreat while traveling.

Location and Access

Minute Suites Nashville is located in Concourse D across from gate D3. The venue is open from 04:00 to 22:00 (10 pm) daily. The D concourse serves Southwest Airlines, but the layout of the Nashville airport allows you to quickly move between terminals within about a 10-minute walk (without having to re-clear security).

To access Minute Suites, I used my Priority Pass membership associated with my Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card. Eligible Priority Pass members are awarded one hour of time at Minute Suites. I only stayed for one hour, so my entire stay was free. Each subsequent hour at Minute Suites will be charged at a discounted rate of $34 per hour (see Priority Pass discount pricing). The walk-up rate for the suites is $55 per hour, with the option to book in half-hour increments (after the first hour). You can reserve online if you are staying more than one hour, but booking online requires a minimum stay of 2 hours.

Customer Service: I had an excellent customer service experience for my visit thanks to the friendly attendant who was working. I arrived at the Minute Suites around 2 pm. The customer service agent told me they were fully booked until 4 pm, but he would call and let me know if there was a cancellation (in my mind, I was 90% sure there was no way he was going to call me). He took down my phone number and scanned my membership card and boarding pass. While I waited, I decided to check out the Delta Sky Club. Around 3 pm, I received a call from the attendant saying they had a cancellation and that my room was ready! I left the Sky Club, and after about an 8-minute walk from Concourse A to D, I arrived and was taken directly to my room.


The Nashville location of Minute Suites has five rooms (suites), each with a name; I stayed in a room named "Country," which is very appropriate for Nashville. Each suite has comfortable standard amenities. There is a day bed-sofa, mirror, desk, chair, television, Apple TV, Amazon Alexa, and controls to adjust the temperature and lighting in the room. The TV is mounted above the desk so you can watch it from the comfort of the sofa or while working at the desk. There is also Wi-Fi, I forgot to get the code, so I went back to the front desk, and they quickly helped me with the password.

Food and Beverage

I was thrilled to see they had various snacks and drink options available for purchase. They offered chips, cookies, candy, and other snacks. They also had cold drinks, including water, soda, juice, energy drinks, wine, and beer. The pricing for the drinks ranged from $2.99 to $12.00. The items are for purchase even if you are not staying at the Minute Suites. They also had a full range of travel products, including neck pillows, medicine, toothbrushes, charging cables, and much more.

Internet and Quietness

They offer complementary (Wi-Fi) internet access, and the TV with Apple TV internet already connected, so you can watch streaming TV while in the suite.

  • Internet Speed was decent, with a speed test resulting in 43.8 Mbps down / 17.5 Mbps up with 62ms latency.
  • Noise levels were quite, with a two-minute average resulting in 49.3 dB.

Overall Rating: 4.1
Pros: comfortable sofa, amazing customer service, solid selection of snacks/drinks ($).
Cons: can be a little noisy since I was in the suite was close to terminal, no coffee.

Amenities: 4
Seating/Comfort: 4
Service: 4.5
Wow-Factor: 3.8

Closing Thoughts

I found the Minute Suites staff amazing, and the room was very clean. While I was there, I took about 20 minutes to meditate. I realized how cool it was to be able to relax in a quiet area while at the airport. I have only experienced this private feeling before at the Capital One Lounge at DFW in their rest pods.