Southwest Airlines 737-700 taking off with mountains in back
Source: Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines - Priority Pass Lounge Locations

Since Southwest Airlines does not have its own lounges, I wanted to know which airports Southwest Airlines flies to that also have Priority Pass Lounges. Priority Pass partners with restaurants, game locations, spas, and more, but I will only focus on actual lounges at airports for this article. With some research, I found 52 Priority Pass lounges across 32 Southwest-operated airports, both in and outside the United States.

Southwest Airports with Priority Pass Lounges

* non-US or U.S. territory airport location
^ only certain Priority Pass cards are eligible

Closing Thoughts

I will continue to keep my eye open as new lounges open and close or as Southwest revises its destinations. I recently discovered that some lounges (The Club - LAS) are "Departure Only" meaning you can't go to the lounge unless you have a valid departure boarding pass. I might be the last to know this news, but I wanted to pass it along.