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TREA+ Wellness Service Opens 3 Locations

XpressSpa, the company that offers relaxation and treatment services at airports around the world has expanded their brand with a new line called TREAT. Currently, the TREAT (TREA+) has locations in Phoenix (PHX), New York Kennedy (JFK), and Salt Lake City (SLC). This new brand offers advanced wellness services including testing, vaccines, minor medical care, and health products for purchase.

  • Meditation ($35)
  • Vitamin (IV) Injections ($50)
  • Flu Shots ($50)
  • Covid-19 Rapid PCR Tests ($250)
  • Yoga ($30 to $60 depending on level)
  • Showers ($35)
  • Fitness Classes ($45 to $60 depending on level)
  • Medical Visit ($175)

To get started either download the TREAT mobile app or sign-up online for a free account. Once registered you can research and book appointments. 

Medical visits can cover allergic reactions, eye problems, gastrointestinal (GI) distress, raspatory or sinus infections, anxiety care, blood sugar, UTI or bladder care, wound care, pregnancy tests, and more.

For those needing a wellness boost, book an IV drip for hydration and immunity support. An add-on B12 booster shot delivers increased energy and cognitive function.

If stress relief is what you need, check out the meditation, yoga, and fitness options. All sessions are offered in well-appointed Wellness Rooms ensuring safety and privacy. Relax and stretch the body with all-levels yoga, break a sweat with a high intensity training (HIT) class, or simply quiet the mind with guided meditation.

Treat also offers guests the use of a shower room so you can freshen up for the next leg of your journey. Meditation and physical movement are the best ways to knock out those pre-travel worries.

Closing Thoughts

I am happy to see more and more wellness services appear in airports. This TREA+ brand seems to be the most advanced I have seen. With services from XpressSpa, Be Relax, and Centurion Spas you can turn an ordinary airport visit into a time of relaxation just by getting to the airport a bit early.