inside a lounge with red chairs and modern bar
Source: Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Lounge Updates (Operator and Closings)

In February 2023, there was some news related to the Atlantic Atlantic Clubhouse lounges that is worth mentioning. Virgin changed the lounge operator for non-UK locations and has temporarily closed four lounges for "renovations".

Ownership Changes

Since 2021, Plaza Premium Group has managed the Virgin Clubhouse lounges outside the United Kingdom (UK). Sodexo is now replacing Plaza Premium as the manager for the non-UK lounges. Five lounges are affected by this news; they are in Boston, Johannesburg (South Africa), New York (JFK), San Francisco, and Washington DC (Dulles).

Temporary Closures

As part of the change in management, four of the five mentioned lounges will be closed for a short "renovation" period to make changes required for the new operator. They have announced a schedule for the closures, and they are currently:

  1. Boston (BOS) closed from March 1st
  2. Johannesburg (JNB) closed from March 1st - 13th
  3. San Francisco (SFO) closed from March 1st - 25th
  4. Washington Dulles (IAD) closed from March 1st - 3rd

It does appear that the New York (JFK) Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse remains open even though management has also transferred from Plaza Premium to Sodexo. The Virgin Atlantic Newark (EWR) location appears to still be under the management of Plaza Premium and does not appear to be affected by these changes. Since Virgin Atlantic no longer operates to Newark (EWR), this is likely to remain without change.

Capital One and Plaza Premium Members

As a fan of the Capital One Venture X card, I was excited to hear that cardmembers would still be allowed access to the lounges after they reopen. Unfortunately, Plaza Premium members will no longer have access to these lounges.

Closing Thoughts

Not exactly sure what the renovations will entail, but I expect they will be minor. As far as how the change in management will affect the lounges, only time will tell, but my gut feeling is that the lounges may drop in quality and amenities.