SkyTeam and Virgin Atlantic airplane tails
Source: SkyTeam

Virgin Atlantic Joining the SkyTeam Alliance

Note: on March 2nd, 2023 Virgin Atlantic has joined the SkyTeam Alliance.

It was announced today that in early 2023 Virgin Atlantic (VIR/VS) will be joining the SkyTeam Alliance. This is great news, Virgin Atlantic will become the 19th member of the alliance and the only U.K.-based member airline.

In regards to lounge access, the exact details have not yet been announced, but it does appear the reciprocal lounge access is in the plan. As far as Upper Class Wing access at London Heathrow (LHR) their member page says they are "working closely with Virgin Atlantic" to determine access.

Virgin Atlantic customers will benefit from a consistent, seamless customer experience, across 1,000+ global destinations and gain access to a network of 750+ airport lounges, spanning six continents.

Who will be able to access the Clubhouse under the new partnership?

"Virgin Atlantic will officially enroll in SkyTeam in early 2023, at which point we will offer eligible customers, such as SkyTeam Elite Plus customers, access to our Clubhouse lounges, and in return eligible Virgin Atlantic customers can enjoy the lounges of SkyTeam and its member airlines. These benefits remain on the horizon for now, but more information will be available soon."

Will SkyTeam customers benefit from the Upper Class Wing at LHR?

"We’re working closely with Virgin Atlantic regarding access to the Upper Class Wing."

Closing Thoughts

This will open up access to the shared benefits across the (SkyTeam) member airlines. I can already hear people now complaining how this will make the Delta lounges more crowded. Also, the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse lounges at BOS, EWR, IAD, JFK and SFO are operated by the Plaza Premium Group and access to these lounges can gained by  paying or using a Capital One Venture X, Venture and Spark Miles card, so for some this will not extend their lounge options. But for others who have lounge access on a member airline this will be a great addition.