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What are Discount Rewards?

I recently was in Orlando (MCO) and went to The Club lounge in Terminal A. When I was waiting I noticed something on the entrance sign I had never seen before. There was a reference to Discount Rewards™️ on their sign with other accepted entry options such as Priority Pass, Diners Club, Lounge Club, and LoungeKey. I had never heard of this program before, so I decided to dig in and discover what it was all about.

Question: What is Discount Rewards and how can it help me get into a lounge?

Answer: The Discount Rewards™️ program is run by American Automobile Association (AAA) as a benefit to its customers. Yes, it can help you get a discount for paid entry (day pass) into The Club lounges.

When I dug into the details of the lounge benefit, I found a page that mentioned with your AAA membership (Discount Rewards) will get you a 15% discount on day passes into The Club lounges. The Club currently has locations at 16 airports in the United States. The Club currently charges $50 for a day pass (per person), so with the discount, that lowers the price to $42.50 per person. If you have a delayed flight or long layover, $42.50 per person can make sense. The Club lounges include free food, drinks (including alcohol), high-speed internet, TVs, comfortable chairs, and some have dedicated rest areas, some have showers, and, best of all, usually a quiet place to relax.

Joining AAA (Discount Rewards)

Joining AAA is pretty simple. They have three program tiers that can be purchased annually or monthly. The tiers are Classic ($59/$6), Plus ($95/$10), and Premier ($122/$12). The annual membership has a one-time admission fee of $20. Each program tier has different overall benefits (especially roadside assistance and travel insurance), but all include the lounge discount.

Travel Benefits included with the AAA membership

  • 15% of The Club Lounges
  • Hertz Gold membership (plus 20% off rentals)
  • The Parking Spot Discounts (10% off, free reservations, 2 free days of parking)
  • Hotel Discounts (from 5% to 10%)
  • International Driving Permits (additional fee)
  • Travel Insurance Discounts
  • Currency Conversion (orders over $200 are shipped free)
  • Discounts on Cruises
  • Discounts at Theme Parks and Restaurants

Closing Thoughts

If you don't have a travel credit card that provides access to The Club or a Priority Pass membership that provides access to The Club, you might consider getting a AAA membership to help with lounge discounts and other travel benefits. I think having a AAA membership is also good if you want free towing, gas service, or automobile locksmith service. The Hertz Gold membership is helpful if you rent from Hertz. Gold allows you to go directly to your car instead of waiting in line for your car.