entrance to the USO lounge at MCO
Source: Lounge Guide

Donate Time or Money to your Local Military Lounge

Besides airline, credit card, and other club lounges at airports, there is another lounge dedicated to the military and their families. These lounges are run by independent groups or the United Service Organizations (USO). Many of these lounges operate on limited funds and staff, so they are in regular need volunteer support.

The video below shows inside of one of these military lounges and talks about ways you can volunteer. This one is from the Military Hospitality Lounge located at Miami International Airport (MIA) in Florida (donate).

Over the last year, I have seen several of these military lounges close due to funding or lack of volunteers. So, I thought it would be useful to list a few options for those wanting to volunteer (time or money).

Closing Thoughts

Besides the links above, there are also many independent military lounges. An example of this type of lounge would be the re-opened military lounge in Jacksonville. I know of at least 50 military lounges in airports around the United States. If you are interested in supporting these lounges, look locally or drop off a donation next time you travel through an airport with a military lounge. Some of these lounges also have on-line donations forms to make it easy.