entrance sign for Turkish Airlines lounge in Miami
Source: Lounge Guide

Lounge Review: Turkish Airlines - Miami (MIA) H Concourse

Miami International Airport (MIA) was recently awarded the best airport in the United States for lounges, so I made time to go visit some MIA lounges. While there, I was able to visit both the Turkish Airlines Lounge (E concourse) and Turkish Airlines Lounge (H concourse). Below is my review for their H concourse (South Terminal) lounge from the late-morning of April 12, 2023. The lounge is open daily from 05:00 to 22:00 daily and is located in the terminal connector between concourses H and J.

Once you arrive at the lounge entrance, you must take an elevator up to the 3rd level. After walking down a long-ish hallway, you will arrive at the lounge front desk. When I arrived at the desk, only one attendant was working, and two other parties were waiting to check in. I only had to wait about five minutes and then went inside. The lounge has lots of marble, wood, warm lighting, floor-to-ceiling windows, and comfortable leather seating.

large Turkish Airlines (777) model plane in lobby of lounge.

Lounge Access

This is a departure-only lounge available to Star Alliance Gold members, Priority Pass, Lounge Club, Diners Club, and Lounge Key members. For my review, I used my Priority Pass membership offered by the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant® American Express® card to gain access. You must show the desk agent your boarding pass and membership card for entrance.

Restrooms and Showers

The Lounge has several restrooms and an accessible shower that you can use. The restroom was clean, spacious, and there was no waiting for entrance.

Dining and Bar

Two types of dining are available at the Miami Turkish Lounge (H). The first is the buffet and self-serve drink area. You can get typical things such as sandwiches, soup, salads, fruit, cheese, coffee, sodas, and other drinks. The other is the order-to-table feature. Like other lounges, they offer the same method of scanning a QR code and placing your order through the menu on your phone. After placing the order, they will deliver the food to your table. To see this menu in action, see my Turkish Lounge MIA (E) review. They also had a full-service bar with beer, wine, and liquor.

Seating and Tables

The lounge was large and had lots of seating options. There were seats by the window, work area seating, seats at the bar, and seating in the quiet room. There is a decent view from the seats along the window where you can see the gates and taxi area. The quiet room is small (6 lounge chairs) but offers comfortable reclining loungers and dim lighting for you to relax. When I was there, the lounge was crowded, but only at about 50% capacity.

Other Things

Few lounges offer a children's play area, but the Turkish Lounge has a nice isolated playroom located towards the front of the lounge. There is also luggage storage towards the front of the lounge, but it also has a sign that reads, "We will not be held responsible for loss of personal belongings." So it is luggage storage but not secure 😨 and unfortunately located out of sight to most of the lounge.

Overall Rating: 4.1
Pros: order-to-table service, children's area, comfortable seating, showers
Cons: limited warm food options on the buffet, limited outside views

Food: 4
Beverages: 4.2
Amenities: 4.2
Seating: 4.2
Service: 4.2
Views: 4
Wow-Factor: 3.8

Closing Thoughts

Overall this was a really nice lounge, and I would come back here if I was in Miami (H or J concourse). Since only certain concourses are connected at Miami (MIA) airport, getting to this lounge may require you to exit and re-clear security. I really like the self-serve or table service dining option depending on your needs and the time you have. I would say this is one of the top Priority Pass lounges I have been to.