Entrance desk for United Club Chicago ORD T1
Source: United Airlines

New United Club T1 in Chicago (ORD) Opens

United Airlines has opened its newest lounge at the Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD). This new lounge spans 17,000 square feet (double the size of the previous club) and has room to accommodate up to 400 travelers. The lounge is located in Terminal 1 near gate C10 and is open daily from 5am to 9pm. There are five United Club lounges at the Chicago (ORD) airport including their Polaris Lounge (exclusive to international premium cabin customers).

This modern lounge features some handy passenger automation, including quick lounge entry using a self-scan entry kiosks (e-gates). The entry stations appears to be the same type used at the United Club Fly Grab N'Go that opened in Denver last year. There is also a new to me Agent on Demand station that will allow you to video chat, text or, call customer service.

The seating appears plentiful throughout the lounge, with over 400 seats including couches, chairs, recliners, and bar area seating. The design appears to be modern and industrial, with a featured mural by local artist Kate Lewis. The lounge also includes Chicago-sourced furniture, d├ęcor, and art from local artists. The open layout with floor-to-ceiling windows, and natural lighting helps give a clean refreshing appearance.

There were not many details on the dining options at the lounge but it appears they offer a buffet and a fully stocked bar with local craft beers. I expect a lounge of this size to have multiple dining options.

The lounge also includes a wellness area for private space and comfort. There is a private room for nursing parents or those looking for a place to pray or mediate.

Closing Thoughts

Overall from what I am seeing this lounge looks great. I have some initial reservations about the Agent on Demand service, but I will need to see this in person before I pass judgment. I can think of several competitor lounges with staff sitting at desks as you enter the lounge to help you in person with requests, and I think this adds to a touch of service.