elevator and sign showing The Centurion Lounge.
Source: Lounge Guide

Lounge Review: The Centurion Lounge - Miami Airport (MIA)

During my last trip to Miami (MIA), I spent some time in The Centurion Lounge. This was my second visit to this lounge, with my first visit back in 2017, along with my family. Over those years, the lounge has maintained its freshness and shown little sign of wear. I arrived at the lounge in the morning around 9 a.m. and was able to get in without any waiting.

Location and Access

The Miami Centurion Lounge is located in the North Terminal, Concourse D, near gate D12 on the 4th level, and is open from 05:00 to 22:00 (10 PM) daily. Since I was flying Delta during this trip, I gained access to the lounge with my American Express Delta Reserve credit card. Upon check-in, I was asked to show my boarding pass, credit card, and ID.

Lounge Amenities

The Centurion Lounge has many comfortable amenities for relaxing or working while visiting. While there, I took some time to browse their digital library (magazines) and read the New York Times newspaper. There are also (complementary) lockers for storing your luggage while at the lounge; this is an excellent idea to help reduce clutter in the lounge and give you more space. Throughout the lounge, there are power adapters, including ones with USB-A. There are TVs and flight monitors to keep track of your flight while waiting. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide natural light in the lounge with great outside views.

Restrooms and Spa

Similar to other Centurion Lounges, the Miami lounge has a spa that can be booked at the front desk. All sorts of services are offered, including massages, manicures, and massage chairs. The lounge also offers showers. When I was there back in 2017, I used the showers after flying overnight from Seattle and wanted a shower before I started my day. The restrooms were very clean and spacious.

Seating and Work Areas

There are many options for seating, including high tables with views of the outside, leather chairs, window seats, quiet areas, dining tables, conference tables, and more. There are also private phone rooms that can be used for meetings or private calls. I was able to find a quiet area at the front of the lounge that I don't think many others knew existed. This area had comfortable sofas and side tables to the left of the check-in area.

When I visited the lounge, it was very busy, but I could still find seating. I spent half of my time at a window seat at the rest in a quite hallway. The photos above show the "secret" hallway area I found, where I spent my time reading and relaxing.

Food and Beverage

I am always impressed with the food at the Centurion Lounge and sometimes visit them instead of the airline lounge, simply because the food and bar choices are often superior. There are also many vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Breakfast Menu: old fashioned oats, fresh fruit, granola, pancakes, egg Shakshuka (with spices, tomatoes and feta), potatoes, smoked salmon, and multigrain bread. They also had juices, coffee, and a full bar that was serving mimosas and other breakfast cocktails.

I had the pancakes, egg Shakshuka, fruit, potatoes with coffee while I sat at a high-top table with a view outside of airplanes (AVGeek).

Internet and Quietness

They offer complementary (Wi-Fi) internet access while in the lounge.

  • Internet Speed was good, with a speed test resulting in 50.2 Mbps down / 91.2 Mbps up with 7ms latency.
  • Noise levels were moderate (depending on where you were sitting), in the main area of the lounge a two-minute average resulted in 61.7 dB.

Overall Rating: 4.2
Pros: floor-to-ceiling windows, luggage storage, amazing food and drink options
Cons: closed children's room, broken espresso machines, crowded

Food: 4.6
Beverages: 3.5 (broken expresso machine)
Amenities: 4.2
Seating: 4.5
Service: 4
Views/Décor: 4.6
Wow-Factor: 4.2

Closing Thoughts

Overall, I found this lounge very nice and relaxing. I was only in the lounge for about an hour, but I had a great experience. I know the children's area and the expresso machine were only temporarily broken, but I would have loved an expresso. Concourse D is mostly occupied by American Airlines, so if you are not flying an airline departing Concourse D, you have to make time to get back to your departing concourse. See the Terminal guide below for information about how you might have to re-clear security, which I had to do.