entrance to The Club in New Orleans (MSY)
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Lounge Review: The Club New Orleans (MSY)

On a recent trip to the NBAA conference in Orlando on October 19, 2022, I had a 2-hour layover at New Orleans (MSY) airport and a chance to visit the new airport terminal that was opened in November 2019. During this stop, I was excited to visit The Club lounge.

The Club lounge is located in Terminal A, and the entrance is located next to Vino Vino on the second level. You will find an elevator that goes to the 3rd floor, where the lounge is located. Once in the lounge, you will be greeted at the front desk. For me, there was no line, and the front desk attendant was super friendly.

Upon entering, you will see the main lounge seating. Off to the left is the Quiet Zone with chairs and pods. It was busy when I went to the lounge at 1 pm (Wednesday), but there was still ample seating.

Restrooms and Shower

My first stop was the restroom. They have three individual bathrooms plus a (locked) restroom/shower room. I asked the (incredibly kind) manager, Rudy, for a tour of the shower room. The shower was clean and modern; they offered towels, shampoo, and other items. To use the shower, simply ask the front desk and they will reserve it for you.


In my opinion, the best feature of the lounge is its order-to-table service. They have a limited self-serve buffet with fruit, warm nuts, coffee, soda, and filtered sparkling water. But, once you find a seat, you simply scan a QR code at your table a choose from a fantastic assortment of food, desserts, and drinks. After placing my order, my cocktail was delivered in about 3 minutes, and the food came about 5 minutes later. The lounge employee who delivered my food wore gloves and a mask and was very polite. I love the extra precautions they took.
For food, I ordered the Avocado Hummus with Pita and Rice Masala. The masala was great, as well as the hummus, but I would have preferred the warm pita bread since it was very cold (maybe straight out of the fridge). They also have a bar where you can sit and order a drink and have food delivered as well The bar menu includes the usual items as well as some creative cocktails.

Quiet Zone

This is, in my opinion, the best place to unwind or get some work done. The light is slightly dim, and the chairs are very comfortable. I could easily have taken a nap here, but I was limited on time. They also have three private pods in the Quiet Zone. These pods are great for having a phone conversation or focusing on work. The pods have USB-A, USB-C, and A/C power. The USB-C plug provided fast charging, so that was a nice perk.


Since the lounge is located on the 3rd Level, one floor above the terminal, the view is limited to just a few gates outside the lounge. But still not horrible since you can see some outside.

Overall Rating: 3.6
Pros: comfortable seating and work areas, quite area, showers, order-to-table service
Cons: limited view, slightly cramped

Food: 4.2
Beverages: 4
Amenities: 4
Seating: 4
Service: 4.2
Views: 1
Wow-Factor: 3.5

Closing Thoughts

I have been lucky to visit multiple Club lounges, and although small, this is one of the best and cleanest of The Club lounges I have ever seen. I look forward to the next chance to re-visit this lounge.