entrance of The Club Orlando (A Terminal)
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Lounge Review: The Club Orlando (MCO) Terminal A

Orlando International Airport (MCO) has ten lounges, including two lounges operated by The Club (Terminal A and Terminal B). During the inaugural Avelo - Brownsville to Orlando flight, I got a chance to visit this lounge and some others. This lounge review was based on my visit from May 18th, 2023 (Thursday).

Location & Access

The Club Orlando Terminal A (website) is located in Concourse 1 and is open from 05:00 to 22:00 daily. Orlando International Airport is a little strange in regards to how the terminals connect, so you may have to re-clear security if you are on a flight not operating from Gate 1-29. Once you arrive in the lounge, you will be greeted at the main desk. You will be required to show your (same day) boarding pass and ID for entrance, along with a method of access. There was a waiting list to get into the lounge. I gave them my phone number and was quoted about a 30-minute wait. In about 20 minutes, I received a text message saying they were ready for me.

Access to the lounge can be gained with Priority Pass, Lounge Club, Lounge Key memberships, or by purchasing a day pass for $50 per person. Children under two are admitted free of charge. Priority Pass entrance is limited to 3 hours prior to departure.

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Restrooms & Showers

The restroom I visited was clean but slightly dated. I did not use or see the shower, but according to their website, they do have a shower for use. Check with the front desk to reserve a shower room. I did have to wait for about 5 minutes to use the restroom due to a line of people in front of me.


So I have written about table delivery service before and how much I love the idea of scanning a QR code to order food. Well, during my visit to this lounge, they were no longer offering the table ordering service. They did have a buffet with a variety of food options. I arrived at the lounge between breakfast and lunch, so I was able to see both meal options. The buffet area also has an espresso machine, tea, and soft drinks.

Breakfast: Hard-boiled eggs, breakfast potatoes, yogurt with fruit and granola, muffins, bagels, oatmeal, cereal, and fruit. Sadly, they did have an espresso machine but it was broken so I was unable to make a coffee. I had already had breakfast, so I chose to wait until lunch was served.

Lunch: Salad, veggies, pita, chickpeas, hummus, soup, little sandwiches with ham and cheese. I chose various items which were very good and fresh.

The Bar

The bar was small (only three chairs at the bar) but well stocked. They serve wine, beer, liquor, specialty cocktails (such as a Margarita, Mimosa, or Bloody Mary), and many options to make your favorite cocktail. For my visit, I chose a glass of white wine (Pinot Grigio) to pair with my lunch. Sadly, there were no local craft beers.

Seating & Work Areas

This lounge was a bit small (especially compared to The Club lounge in Terminal B). There were no quiet rooms or dedicated work areas. The lounge was pretty busy, but I was lucky enough to get a table next to the window with a view of some Spirit Airlines gates. Various seating options around the lounge include small tables and ample charging options. One interesting aspect was a long table where people were working side-by-side. There is a small kid's play area that is isolated in the main lounge area so parents can keep their eye on their kids.

Internet and Quietness

The internet speed in the lounge was poor. I ran multiple speed tests with an average result around 17.2 Mbps up and 21.1 Mbps down. The lounge was about 90% occupied but still reasonably quiet. During a 2-minute session, I recorded an average noise of 48.7 dB.

One of the other things I played with while I was in the lounge was their electronic media (magazines, newspapers, games, audiobooks, and children's books) service provided by the MediaPad. I had never used this before, but I was able to read the Wall Street Journal and some magazines. I was very impressed by this service and will look for it again in the future.

Runway & Airport Views

The lounge has a limited outside view. I was able to see outside, including a handful of gates and the ramp area.

Overall Rating: 3.6
Pros: children's area, showers, electronic magazines and newspapers
Cons: no-order to table service, lounge was a bit small, slow Wi-Fi, no local craft beers

Food: 4
Beverages: 4
Amenities: 3
Seating: 4
Service: 3.5
Views: 3
Wow-Factor: 3.2

Closing Thoughts

This was my first time to visit this lounge, and there were several things that were not great. I look forward to revisiting this lounge in the future for another review. Even though this lounge was small and busy, the food and drink options were really good. If you must choose between visiting The Club in Terminal A or Terminal B, I recommend Terminal B, since it is slightly nicer and more spacious.