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Lounge Review: The Club Orlando (MCO) Terminal B

Orlando International Airport is home to 10 lounges, including two lounges operated by The Club (Terminal A and Terminal B). I was in Orlando for National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and had two visits to the lounge in Terminal B at MCO. This lounge review was based on my visit on May 19th, 2022 (Thursday).

The Club Orlando Terminal B is located in Concourse 4, near gate 91, and is open from 05:00 to 21:00 daily. Orlando International Airport is a little strange in regards to how the terminals connect, so you may have to re-clear security if you are on a flight not operating from Gate 70-99. Once you arrive in the lounge, you will be greeted at the main desk. You will be required to show your (same day) boarding pass and ID for entrance, along with a method of access. I used my digital Priority Pass card to gain entry, and it was a breeze.


Access to the lounge can be gained with Priority Pass, Lounge Club, Lounge Key memberships, or by purchasing a day pass for $50 per person. Priority Pass entrance is limited to 3 hours prior to departure. Children under two are admitted free of charge.

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Restrooms & Showers

The restrooms were fine; there was nothing amazing, but better than the restrooms in the terminal. I did not use the showers, but they do have showers for use. Check with the front desk to reserve a shower room.


I was very impressed with the table delivery service. I have written about this before, but food is ordered to your table by scanning a QR code. I ordered dinner, and the food was way above average. It took about 5 minutes from when I ordered to when the food was delivered. Besides the order-to-table option, they also had limited snacks on the self-serve buffet, including chips, chickpea salad, veggies, pita and hummus, and a spring salad. The buffet area also has an espresso machine, soft drinks, and other self-serve (non-alcoholic) beverages.

The Bar

The bar was well stocked and had a variety of drink options. They serve wine, beer, liquor, specialty cocktails (such as a Margarita, Mimosa, Bloody Mary), and many options to make your favorite cocktail. For my visit, I choose a glass of red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon) to pair with my pasta and cheese.

Seating & Work Rooms

When I visited the lounge (both times), there was ample seating and tables. One of the features of this lounge I really liked was the isolated private rooms where you can make calls or work privately.

The View

Since this is an airport lounge, I always like to write about the view. The lounge has a limited outside view and I was not really able to see any airplanes. There is one wall of windows that shows the train and the part of the ramp area, but overall there is little of a view.

Overall Rating: 3.7
Pros: order-to-table service, children's area, isolated quite room, showers
Cons: limited outside views, lounge was a bit worn and dirty

Food: 4
Beverages: 4
Amenities: 4
Seating: 4
Service: 4
Views: 2
Wow-Factor: 3.8

Closing Thoughts

It is apparent that this lounge has had lots of traffic over the years and is a bit worn. The environment was overall very quiet. When I was there, the sound came in with an average of 31dB. The Wi-Fi was not super impressive. I ran a few tests with an average download speed of 19.5Mbs down and 20Mbs up. Overall, this lounge was nice, but not amazing.